Software Engineering & Future Generation Computing

-Volunteer Computing
- Ubiquitous Computing
- Ontology Engineering

Future Generation Computing Systems (FGCS) Research Group at KIET aims to pursue quality research in the domains of Volunteer & Ubiquitous Computing and Ontology Engineering. These domains are carefully selected as we believe that they would shape up the computing paradigm of the future.

Gone were the days when Super Computer was the only option for the high end computing and storage. Desktop grids also known as volunteer computing has laid down a much cheaper path towards the same. It is indeed an era where the abundance of communication bandwidth has open up new horizons. Volunteer computing is one of them through which the utilization of the idle processing cycles and memory of millions of users connected on the internet or through any other type of network become possible.
At KIET we are focusing on the open issues related to volunteer computing that includes resource management, scheduling, verification of results, computation time, fault tolerance, security breaches, connectivity and bandwidth issues etc.
Till now the group has analyzed BOINC and other middleware for the volunteer computing projects. Current working of the group is related to the scheduling and resource management issues of Volunteer Computing.

Ubiquitous Computing

Earlier we all had mainframe computers and presently we are in era of desktop computers but future is Ubiquitous computing where technology will be in background in our lives. There will be no more restriction of one-to-one relationship between person and computers and we will be living in a smart world where all things in our surrounding are smart as smart furniture, smart cup, smart table etc and due to these smart things we no more need to interact with computing devices intentionally. We will be studying in universities where our attendances will mark automatically, slides will be loaded automatically on entrance of teacher in class, no one ask to configure network because of smart networks, phone calls will be diverting according to user location and lot of other fantastic thing for which today we need to interact with our computers. This are does not only posses lot of potential issues for researchers but also encourage researches to emerge new systems with new smart devices resulted from fellow researchers.

Ontology Engineering

In the domain of Ontology Engineering our focus is on the issues of ontology design, implementations and intelligent ontology mapping. Several projects are aggressively pursued in this area that includes but not limited to:

Semantic web portal for Educational Institutions

Semantic Web based wrapper for tourism information extraction for decision making.
NOTS: Online NEWS translation system. It is based on ontology supported machine translation.
Syntactic features handling in extended keyword queries on Ontological knowledge bases. (Extension of my PhD research)
Automatic Email Responders with ontology based classification and categorization.